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Brown bear-  Are you interested in hunting the biggest Croatian predator? We can help you with that. The most common bear hunt today is a welcome hunt on a high shooting stad near the morgue. You can choose the size of the bear you want to shoot and have the trophy that every hunter wants to have. 

Red Deer- Also a very exciting  hunt on animals with big and beautiful horns, especially during mating when the roar starts. You can hunt Red deer on high shooting stad, by sneaking and deer calling. 

Roe buck-  If you like to see a beautiful landscape, beautiful meadows and hunt at the same time, then roe buck hunting is the right choice for you. 

Other hunts: Moufflon 

                  Golden Jackal

                  Fallow deer

                  Wild boar

                  Dalmatian wild sheep

                  Ferall goat 



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